Nick MonkMy name is Nick Monk and I have set up Tan Goat as an area for freelance cartography and web design. I have a degree in Cartography and worked as a professional cartographer for AND and WS Atkins for some years until Google took over my kind of mapping.

I left the profession and moved into design for web & print, but recently I’ve discovered the Open Street Map and it’s community.

Now, with an excellent base map and quality open source software tools, cartography is in a new interactive era where the community can improve greatly upon the world of Google maps.

I have a small team of trained and experienced cartographers who will be using these tools to provide quality mapping to any interested parties.

Tan Goat only started in Summer 2014 so there will be more cartography coming soon, see @TanGoat on Twitter for current information.

Check out the cartography page for examples.

Based in Bethnal Green, London